Why Do I need a survey?

A mortgage survey is a survey that is used by banks and title companies to guarantee that a residential property is clear of any encroachments. This type of survey will show the property boundaries and easements, along with the improvements (i.e. house, garage, driveway, sidewalk, in-ground pool, etc.) that are on a property.

How to Order a Survey?

Choose an experienced, reputable, dependable local surveyor. Keep in mind that such a surveyor may not be the least expensive one. Get recommendations from real estate attorneys, mortgage brokers, and mortgage companies.


Call the surveyor and inquire about how much time it will take to receive your survey once it is ordered. Allow for weather delays.

Scope of work?

Email, deliver, or fax the surveyor a legal description, address, and any specific instructions for the survey.


Email or fax a letter to the surveyor confirming that the survey will be delivered to you by the agreed-upon date and at the price promised. Be sure to enclose the following:

  • Legal Description
  • Your specific instructions and requirements (including the title insurance company’s requirements for deletion of the survey exception)
  • A list of the contract’s permitted exceptions

Fee Quotation & Payment Responsibility?

A fee quotation should be made and agreed to prior to ordering a survey. Since the client is responsible for paying for the survey, it is advised that there be a written agreement to avoid misunderstandings. Remember, the survey is a professional service rendered for the client, and payment is expected regardless of the outcome of the property sale.